KOKADI Wearing instructions

What is the easiest Baby Carrier?

Experience tells us that especially the Flip is considered extremely easy. It closes and only opens through buckles. He is a real backpack.

That makes him super easy, especially for on the go. In the video opposite, we will show you how easy you can put it on!

Level of difficulty

very easy




Which stretcher is the best for me?

Who fits which stretcher is totally dependent on the type. We have all the properties of the wearing and what are suitable for what here summarized for you.

Is a Baby Carrier better than a Baby Wrap?

That is at your discretion! If you want things to do quickly, you don't have so much patience or just don't have time to practice tying, then is one Baby Carrier Probably something for you.
But if you like to try yourself out, you feel super -geared carrying fabric around your body and that of your baby, then you will probably like it with that Baby Wrap carry.

How do I wear mine KOKADI Baby Carrier?

The KOKADI Flip on the back.

Are you wondering if you can actually wear your baby back to have even more freedom at the front? Sure, of course! This is even super easy with ours KOKADI Flip! In the video we show how.

The prerequisite for wearing on your back is your baby's safe head control.

Level of difficulty

very easy




The KOKADI TaiTai - carrying instructions.

You have one KOKADI TaiTai And are you unsure of what options you have? Or you are interested in that TaiTai And would like to see how you can best wear it?
We'll show you here how you TaiTai Lay. That goes on the stomach, hip or back. The TaiTai Go super fast and is really easy!

The KOKADI WrapStar - carrying instructions.

The KOKADI WrapStar is not only similar to that Baby Wrap most. With him you have a lot of scope that you can do with the straps. We'll show you the basics here how you do that WrapStar can carry on the stomach and on your back. But it is also suitable for the hip. Whether you then Baby Wrap-Leaves very simple or twisted them artistically, is entirely up to you!

The KOKADI Onbu - carrying instructions.

A carrier of children without a hip belt - that's ours Onbu. Ideal for moms that are sensitive to the stomach (e.g. pregnant women). With him you can wear children from late seating. The Onbu Has thick padded shoulder straps and a chest strap for optimal weight distribution.
You have to set the Onbu Not on the jetty - the length of the back panel adapts to the size of the child.

Become part of the biggest wearing community!

Now join our social media channels and exchange yourself with mums and dads from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here you can find out tips and tricks about binding and carrying along KOKADI Tripkeepers and Baby Carriers.

Wear in the hospital - KOKADI in the hospital.

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Peer loves to experience the sunrise.

And that every morning.
In this picture together with his daughter and KOKADI at the beach.

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